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Are you on Centrelink but still need access to some cash quickly? Sick of endless lines, paper work and questions when all you need is some quick cash? Then lucky you came to! We get it, there are times in life when simple and fast access to some credit or a loan is just what you need and we know that sometimes waiting until your next fortnightly Centrelink payment just isn’t an option.

You need to quickly pay a bill or take advantage of an awesome deal that won’t be there next week. Don’t let a Pension or Newstart payment hold you back, we know lenders that can help and we can put you in touch with them in one click. The same day loans for Centrelink process is fast an simple and you can borrow as much (or as little) as you need. Anything from $100 right up to $5,000 for life’s bigger expenses.

Centrelink Same Day Loans for Bad Credit


Have bad credit? Don’t worry, we understand that sometimes you have had trouble with your finances in the past. We will tell you a little secret, the lenders we work with are not that interested in the missed phone bill three years ago or that you got into some hot water with a credit card when you were younger, life happens. Our lenders look at the last 90 days of your bank statement to ensure the products are affordable and right for you which means even with bad credit you could still get a same day loan using your Centrelink payments.

Not on Centrelink but still need a payday loan? Try quick cash payday loans for all you emergency cash needs, most loans are approved within one hour.